Expert Chimney Repair and Maintenance Services in Greenwood, Colorado

Greenwood, Colorado boasts a blend of rich history and modern development, providing its residents with the perfect mix of tranquility and urban conveniences.

Homeowners in this vibrant community place great importance on maintaining their homes, ensuring they remain in condition. Recognizing this commitment to home care, our team at AR Chimney Pros is delighted to offer our range of chimney and fireplace services to the residents of Greenwood.

Our Services in Greenwood, Colorado

Humane Wildlife Removal

While wildlife can be fascinating, it can become problematic when it finds its way into chimneys. That’s why our skilled team handles the removal of any animals residing in your chimney with care and expertise, prioritizing both the safety of the animal and the well-being of your home.

Installation of Chimney Caps

Given Colorado’s weather patterns, installing a chimney cap is essential for safeguarding your chimney against rain, snow, and debris. Our high-quality chimney caps not only protect against elements but also deter animals from entering or nesting inside your chimney throughout the year.

Fixing Chimney Crowns

Your chimney’s crown serves as a barrier, against the elements. In Greenwood, where the weather can be unpredictable maintaining a chimney crown is crucial. We specialize in repairing and upkeeping crowns to prevent water damage and maintain the structure’s integrity.

Chimney Check Up

Regular inspections are essential for ensuring your chimney’s safety and efficiency. We follow industry standards to identify any fire hazards, structural issues, or buildup that could jeopardize your home’s safety.

Chimney Relining Services

The liners in your chimney play a role in preserving its structure. Our experts excel in relining services tailored to each chimney’s requirements, promoting durability and enhanced performance.

Restoring Chimneys

While wear and tear are inevitable, our comprehensive repair solutions can tackle masonry damage, joint repairs and more to restore both the safety and visual appeal of your chimney.

Chimney Cleaning

Regular chimney cleanings are not only about tidiness; they also ensure safety. By removing soot and creosote buildup, we significantly reduce the risk of chimney fires, creating a safe living environment for you and your loved ones in Greenwood.

Tailored Fireplace Doors

Elevate both the elegance and safety of your fireplace with our custom-made doors. Designed to suit your style preferences and satisfy practical requirements, these doors seamlessly blend style with utility.

Bespoke Fireplaces

Looking for a fireplace that sparks conversations? Let our team create a custom fireplace that not only heats your space but also captivates onlookers.

Dryer Vent Maintenance

Often overlooked in home upkeep, the dryer vent plays a role in fire prevention. Our team ensures your dryer functions safely and efficiently by keeping the vent clear.

Firebox Restoration

The firebox withstands heat, emphasizing the importance of its integrity. We perform repairs to safeguard the heart of your fireplace from wear and tear.

Fireplace Additions

Enhance both the appeal and functionality of your fireplace, with our accessories. Explore our selection of high-quality additions tailored to complement the style of your Greenwood residence.

Fireplace Makeover

As time passes, fireplaces may require a new look to align with updated decor or restore their charm. Our fireplace refacing services can transform your fireplace into a centerpiece that catches the eye.

Fireplace Restoration

Reviving fireplaces, with a mix of charm and modern efficiency, creates a focal point that enhances the beauty of your home.

Gas Appliances

Our expert installation services ensure that gas appliances meet Greenwood’s safety standards, providing a reliable solution for your home.

Gas Fireplace Installation

Enjoy the convenience and warmth of gas fireplaces without the hassle of maintaining a wood-burning one, bringing comfort to your living space.

Gas Log Sets

Experience the ambiance of wood fires with our convenient and low maintenance gas log sets, offering both aesthetics and ease.

The Significance of Our Services for Greenwood Residents

Our services at AR Chimney Pros go beyond conveniences; they are investments, in ensuring safety, functionality, and enhancing the appeal of your Greenwood residence. Regular maintenance and timely repairs not only safeguard your family from risks but also contribute to making your home more energy efficient.

Fireplaces and chimneys hold a place, in Greenwood homes symbolizing the cozy atmosphere, friendliness, and tradition of the community. When you choose AR Chimney Pros, you’re placing your trust in professionals dedicated to maintaining top-notch service and safety standards.

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