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Colorado Springs is a city blending rich history with breathtaking natural beauty. From the echoes of Anasazi cultures at the Cliff Dwellings Museum to the lively events downtown, this city attracts history buffs, nature lovers and everyone in between.

Amidst this charm the practical responsibility of maintaining your home remains crucial especially when it comes to caring for your chimney and fireplace.

At AR Chimney Pros we understand that your home is not a building; it’s your haven. That’s why our range of services is designed to ensure your peace of mind keep your heating system efficient and preserve your home’s integrity.

Here are the specialized services available to homeowners in Colorado Springs:

  • Wildlife Removal – Our skilled team offers compassionate animal removal services to keep your chimney free from Colorado’s wildlife, including chirping birds and nimble raccoons.
  • Repair of Chimney Caps – A chimney cap serves as a barrier against the weather and unwelcome critters in the ever-changing climate of Colorado Springs. That’s why AR Chimney Pros guarantees the installation and proper functioning of your cap to shield against moisture and prevent animal intrusions.
  • Maintenance of Chimney Crowns – Colorado’s challenging weather conditions can take a toll on your chimney crown, which safeguards the integrity of your chimney structure. Our team meticulously maintains chimney crowns to thwart water damage and uphold structural integrity.
  • Comprehensive Chimney Inspection – Regular inspections are vital for preserving the longevity of your chimney. That’s why our certified experts utilize tools and extensive experience to identify any issues ensuring a safe and effective chimney system.
  • Chimney Relining Services – Over time chimney liners can deteriorate, posing safety risks. We provide chimney relining services that meet safety protocols guaranteeing proper ventilation, for your chimney.
  • Thorough Chimney Restoration Services – Whether it’s cracks or major reconstruction, our chimney repair solutions cover a range of needs. Our goal is to not just fix issues, but also enhance the overall look of your chimney.
  • Expert Chimney Cleaning – Regular cleaning is essential to reduce fire risks and maintain optimal performance. Thankfully, our chimney cleaning services effectively eliminate soot and creosote buildup, ensuring a clean and secure fireplace environment.
  • Bespoke Fireplace Enclosures – Elevate the elegance and safety of your home with custom-made fireplace enclosures. AR Chimney Pros installs doors that match your style preferences while enhancing your enjoyment of fireside moments.
  • Tailored Fireplace Designs – Transform your space with a fireplace that reflects your aesthetic preferences and fulfills your heating needs.
  • Efficient Dryer Vent Maintenance – In addition to chimneys, we also take care of dryer vents to prevent fire hazards and ensure optimal appliance performance for residents in Colorado Springs.
  • Precise Firebox Refurbishment – The core component of your fireplace, the firebox, requires maintenance and our repair services cater to any damages or signs of wear.
  • Fireplace Accessories – Elevate your fireplace ambiance with our selection of accessories, including screens and tools carefully chosen to complement the lifestyle of Colorado Springs residents.
  • Fireplace Refacing – Revamp your fireplace’s appearance with our refacing services, transforming it into a captivating point that mesmerizes guests and provides warmth.
  • Fireplace Restoration – Allow us to revive the charm and functionality of your historic fireplace by breathing new life into it while preserving the heritage of your Colorado Springs residence.
  • Gas Appliances – Our expert technicians adeptly handle all gas appliance services to ensure they operate efficiently and safely within your home.
  • Gas Fireplace Installation – Choose the convenience and cleanliness of a gas fireplace. Our professional installation service brings warmth and modern elegance to your living space effortlessly.
  • Gas Log Sets – Indulge in the charm of a fireplace, without the hassle. Our gas log sets offer simplicity and a warm atmosphere at the flick of a switch.

The climate in this area presents unique challenges when it comes to maintaining the structural integrity of your chimney and ensuring the efficiency of your heating systems. For this reason, regular maintenance services are essential for keeping your home safe, avoiding repairs, and improving the ambiance of your living space. Here at AR Chimney Pros, we recognize that your chimney is not just a part of your house – it’s a source of comfort and protection against the elements.

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