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At AR Chimney Pros we recognize the significance of maintaining a kept chimney for the safety and efficiency of your home. Our services are tailored to address all aspects of chimney and fireplace maintenance.

Chimney Services

inspection of chimney before we start other chimney related services

Chimney Inspection

Using state of the art technology and thorough methods we perform inspections to verify the integrity of your chimney and eliminate any potential obstructions or hazards. These inspections are vital for issue detection helping you avoid repairs down the line.

chimney that requires sweeping services

Chimney Sweep

Our sweeping services are comprehensive ridding your chimney of soot, debris and creosote buildup common culprits of chimney fires. Regular sweeping not boosts efficiency but also guarantees usage.

technician fixing chimney of a lakewood home

Chimney Repair

We handle a range of repairs from cracks to major reconstructions, with expertise. Our range of offerings includes fixing chimney flues repairing brickwork, waterproofing and more. Our goal is to prolong the life of your chimney through top notch repairs.

inside of a chimney showing the chimney lining

Chimney Lining

Our expert chimney lining services ensure that your chimney is adequately lined to safeguard your home from heat and prevent the accumulation of gases. A maintained liner is crucial, for the functioning of your chimney.

chimney crown with chimney guard

Chimney Crown

The chimney crown shields your chimney from elements. Our crown repair services prevent water seepage, which can cause damage thereby preserving the integrity of your chimney.

Fireplace repairing work with cloth protectors

Fireplace Repair

We provide repair services for both wood burning and gas fireplaces to ensure they are secure and operational. Our services include addressing damper issues replacing damaged tiles and upgrading gas components.

About us

AR Chimney Pros is your go to experts, for chimney services in Colorado. Situated in Lakewood, Colorado AR Chimney Pros provides top notch chimney services throughout Denver and its neighboring areas. 

Our business is deeply rooted in the community. We prioritize your safety and comfort by ensuring that every chimney and fireplace functions smoothly and securely. Our team of certified, insured and highly skilled technicians is committed to delivering quality service.

Chimney fixed in Lakewood Colorado
chimney sweep in progress in Lakewood

At AR Chimney Pros our reputation rests on trust, expertise and dedication to delivering service. Our teams commitment to safety and preventive maintenance motivates us to provide top notch chimney services in Colorado. We treat each customers home, with care. Aim to provide tailored solutions that meet their requirements.

Are you looking to schedule your chimney maintenance? Make sure your home and loved ones are safe, by confirming that your chimney and fireplace are well maintained. Get in touch with us now at 720 608 7668.

Head over to our Contact Page to set up a time for service. Trust AR Chimney Pros to handle your chimney needs allowing you to relax knowing that your fireplace is secure and good to go.

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Additional Home Safety Services

In addition, to chimney care AR Chimney Pros offers services to bolster your homes safety and efficiency;

  • Cleaning Dryer Vents

    Minimize fire hazards and enhance the performance of your dryer with our vent cleaning services. We remove lint and other debris to ensure dryer functionality.

  • Humane Wildlife Removal

    If wildlife enters your chimney, our humane removal services relocate these animals safely without causing harm.

We also offer measures to stop them from coming  Air Duct Cleaning; Enhance the air quality in your home by using our air duct cleaning services. By eliminating dust and debris from your heating and cooling systems you can greatly improve air quality.

chimney cap that needs repair

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Why Choose AR Chimney Pros?

Selecting AR Chimney Pros means selecting a company that prioritizes quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

Here’s why we stand out:

Responsive and Dependable

We recognize the importance of addressing chimney and fireplace issues. Our team is quick to respond, reliable and equipped to resolve your concerns.

Dedicated to Safety

Your safety is paramount, to us. We adhere to procedures to ensure that every service is carried out with the safety standards in place.

Emphasis on Education

We believe in educating our customers. Our technicians take the time to explain the work and offer advice on maintaining your chimney and fireplace.

Licensed, Certified and Insured

You can trust our services because our employees are licensed and CSIA certified. What’s more? AR Chimney Pros is also insured!

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