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Chimney Inspection Services For Your Lakewood Home

Discover top-notch chimney inspection services provided by AR Chimney Pros, a trusted company serving the Lakewood area. We know how crucial it is to maintain an efficient chimney system, which is why we are dedicated, to offering exceptional service and expert knowledge. With our team of professionals we take pride in being a leading chimney repair provider in Lakewood, Colorado.

Our priority is to ensure the integrity of your chimney through inspections and maintenance.

As Lakewood homeowners enjoy the warmth of their fireplaces it’s vital to emphasize the significance of keeping chimneys functional. Our comprehensive chimney inspection services aim to provide peace of mind and protect your home from risks.

Inspecting Chimney

What exactly does a chimney inspection involve?

It involves an assessment of all parts of your chimney and fireplace. This preventive measure helps detect issues to prevent costly repairs or hazardous situations such, as chimney fires or carbon monoxide leaks. The level of inspection required depends on the circumstances and condition of your chimney.

  • Standard Inspection: This initial inspection is ideal, for chimneys that receive upkeep and have not undergone any changes. It involves checking components to ensure they are functioning properly.
  • Enhanced Inspection: Required when alterations are made to the system, such as a switch in fuel type after a malfunction or due to an event that may have caused damage. This level includes all aspects of a Standard Inspection plus examination of the crawl spaces and accessible areas of the chimneys interior and exterior.
  • Comprehensive Inspection: The examination conducted when significant hazards are suspected. It may involve removing parts of the structure or chimney to access areas.

At AR Chimney Pros we conduct chimney inspections in accordance, with the guidelines established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Our technicians will assess your chimneys condition diligently. Provide you with an honest report detailing our findings.

Enhanced Inspection

Our primary Chimney Inspection service is a Level 2 examination, for homeowners who have recently bought a house with a chimney have made changes to their heating system or have faced extreme weather conditions. At AR Chimney Pros we utilize technology such as video scanning to provide a look inside your chimney. This enables us to detect any cracks, blockages or damages that may not be easily visible.

During this inspection we will evaluate:

  • The integrity and strength of the chimney
  • The state of the flue and its liners
  • Indications of wear or rust
  • The efficiency of the damper and chimney cap
  • Any presence of debris or obstacles
  • The accumulation of creosote which poses a fire risk
  • The waterproofing and solidity of the masonry
  • Any deviations from existing safety regulations

Following the inspection we will furnish you with a report containing suggestions, for cleaning, repairs or any other essential services needed to ensure your chimneys durability and safety.

For Dependable Chimney Inspection Services Count On AR Chimney Pros!

At AR Chimney Pros we adhere to service and safety standards. A well. Maintained chimney not only keeps your home warm but also ensures its safety.
That’s why the people of Lakewood rely on us for all their chimney needs.

Make sure to address any problems that could jeopardize your home and loved ones. Whether you’ve just moved into a house with a fireplace faced weather conditions or simply require your annual chimney check up you can trust the expertise and thoroughness of AR Chimney Pros.

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