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Nestled beneath the awe-inspiring skies of Colorado, Aurora’s history as a hub of adventure and advancement is intricately intertwined with every corner and attraction. From the charm of the Stanley Marketplace to the tranquil allure of the Aurora Reservoir, this vibrant city seamlessly blends Colorado’s appeal with a strong sense of community.

At AR Chimney Pros, we pay tribute to Aurora’s essence by prioritizing the safety and coziness of your home through our chimney and fireplace services. Whether you reside in a bungalow near Del Mar Parkway or a contemporary residence near Cherry Creek State Park, our services are tailored to address the weather challenges and other issues prevalent in Aurora, Colorado.

Wildlife Removal

In an area blessed with Colorado’s beauty, unwelcome animal visitors often make their way into your chimney. Thankfully, our compassionate wildlife removal service in Aurora protects your home from risks posed by nesting critters.

Chimney Cover Installation

The view of the Rocky Mountains serves as a reminder of nature’s magnificence – well as its unpredictability. Keep your house safe from the elements by installing a fitted chimney cap. It acts as a shield protecting your chimney from rain, snow, debris and unwelcome guests while also enhancing the look of your home.

Caring for Your Chimney Crown

Your chimney crown safeguards the integrity of your chimney. Our precise repair and maintenance services for chimney crowns prevent water damage and structural issues ensuring the durability of your chimney.

Thorough Chimney Inspections

Having preventive knowledge is crucial for maintaining a secure home environment. Our comprehensive chimney inspections offer an evaluation of your chimneys condition guaranteeing that every flame in your fireplace adds to the warmth of your Aurora nights.

Expert Chimney Relining Services

A maintained chimney is a vital part of safe and efficient home heating. Our chimney relining services in Aurora replace worn out or damaged liners, creating a passage for smoke and safeguarding the structure of your home.

Ensuring Chimney Resilience

To withstand Colorado’s varying weather conditions, it’s essential for your chimney to remain sturdy and resilient. Our chimney repair services cover everything from cracks to rebuilds, ensuring your peace of mind regardless of the weather conditions.

Expert Chimney Cleaning

We take pride in maintaining your chimney to the fullest extent. Regular chimney cleanings remove soot, creosote, and other debris, reducing the risk of fires and ensuring high-performance during Colorado’s coldest seasons.

Custom Made Fireplace Doors & Fireplaces

Experience fine craftsmanship with our custom fireplace doors and fireplaces. These designs are tailored to complement your home’s style, transforming your hearth into a captivating point in your living area.

Dryer Vent Maintenance

Staying on top of routines to prevent hazards is an essential duty for every homeowner. Our dryer vent cleaning service is essential for safeguarding your home against fires and enhancing energy efficiency.

Firebox Restoration

Your firebox contains the flames that provide warmth to your space, so it can be especially frustrating with it fails to meet performance expectations. Luckily, our firebox repair services are built to withstand the challenges of fire, time, and regular use, ensuring your hearth remains in shape.

Fireplace Enhancements

Here, at AR Chimney Pros, we understand the importance of personalizing your living space. That’s why our wide range of fireplace accessories not only enhance functionality; they also add a touch of character to the fireplace in your Aurora residence.

Renew Your Fireplace

If your fireplace has lost its charm and elegance, our fireplace refacing and restoration services can bring back its allure. We aim to blend it with the style of your home to create a cohesive look.

Effortless Gas Appliance Solutions

Experience the best of both worlds with our gas appliance services that combine convenience with tradition. You can even transition to a gas fireplace effortlessly through our installation services. Enjoy the warmth without any hassle!

Modernize with Gas Log Sets

Indulge in the atmosphere and warmth of a wood burning fireplace without the maintenance with our gas log sets. They combine the ambience of a classic, cozy fireplace with the modern convenience of gas technology.

Discover Superior Chimney Services in Aurora

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When we are finished, we guarantee that your home in Aurora will be as cozy as ever.

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