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Welcome to AR Chimney Pros, where we prioritize your safety and satisfaction above all else. Situated in the city of Lakewood our licensed team is committed to ensuring that your home heating systems operate efficiently. Apart from our core chimney services we also offer a range of solutions for your gas appliances. As a company we focus on delivering top notch workmanship, communication and dependable service establishing ourselves as the preferred choice for chimney repairs.

The Benefits of Gas Appliances

In today’s homes, gas appliances are favored for their convenience and energy efficiency, in both heating and cooking tasks.

With cleaner combustion processes compared to other fuels and their overall comfort factor, it is crucial to maintain these gas appliances to the highest standards to ensure safety and optimal performance.

At AR Chimney Pros we provide services to keep your gas appliances running smoothly.

Our Comprehensive Gas Appliance Services

We offer an array of maintenance, repair and installation services customized to suit the requirements of your gas appliances.

  • Gas Fireplace Services: If you need maintenance or a new gas fireplace installed, our team has the expertise and tools to handle the task. We make sure your gas fireplace runs efficiently, keeps your space warm, and enhances its look.
  • Gas Stove and Oven Repairs: Maintain your kitchen with our gas stove and oven repair services. We know how crucial a working kitchen is, and our team is quick to address any issues, like gas leaks, to keep your home cooking uninterrupted.
  • Gas Log Sets and Inserts: Transform your wood-burning fireplace into a hassle-free gas system with our gas log sets and inserts. Our range of products ensures you’ll find the perfect fit for both style and heating requirements in your home.
  • Gas Line Inspection and Repair: Regular checks on your gas lines can help prevent safety concerns before they become problems. Our skilled technicians utilize state-of-the-art tools to examine and fix any gas line issues, ensuring that your system meets all safety standards.
  • Checking the Combustion Chamber: It’s crucial for the combustion process of your gas appliance to be controlled and efficient. We conduct inspections of the combustion chamber to identify any issues that could impact its performance or compromise safety.
  • Maintenance of Venting Systems: Proper venting is essential for the functioning of your gas appliances, eliminating gases produced during combustion. AR Chimney Pros excels in maintaining and repairing all types of venting systems to keep them clear and operational.

Additional Services by AR Chimney Pros

Apart from gas appliance services, AR Chimney Pros offers a range of chimney and fireplace services. From chimney cleaning and inspections, to fixing cracks and leaks, we have the expertise to address all your chimney needs. Our services also cover waterproofing, tuckpointing, crown repairs and chimney cap installations. We ensure that your chimney system operates efficiently while enhancing the safety and longevity of your home.

Why Pick AR Chimney Pros for Your Gas Appliance Needs?

Selecting AR Chimney Pros means choosing a partner that values the quality of their work and respects the trust you place in them. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to addressing your requirements, offering solutions that adhere to current industry norms. We prioritize communication to keep you informed throughout the service process and regarding any suggestions.

By utilizing our services you ensure that your gas appliances receive the attention they require, which helps extend their lifespan and uphold their efficiency. Our committed service approach has garnered the trust and loyalty of residents in Lakewood.

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