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Welcome to AR Chimney Pros – the trusted professionals in chimney maintenance and care in Lakewood. We understand the importance of your home as a place of comfort and safety which is why we are dedicated to providing chimney services to ensure that your family enjoys a warm and cozy hearth.

With years of experience serving the Lakewood community we take pride in our work focusing on excellence and meticulous attention to detail. If you’re seeking experts who deliver expertise, efficiency and outstanding customer service on every project AR Chimney Pros is the choice for you.

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Why Is Regular Chimney Cleaning Important?

Your chimney plays a role in venting smoke and dangerous gases like carbon monoxide from your living space. Routine chimney sweeps are crucial for maintaining safety and efficiency. A clean chimney promotes airflow for effective combustion and ventilation.

Moreover the accumulation of creosote a residue, from wood burning can pose a serious fire hazard if not removed regularly.

Here, at AR Chimney Pros we specialize in thorough chimney cleaning services to keep your home safe from fire risks and ensure that your fireplace functions optimally.

Whats Included in Our Chimney Cleaning Service?

Our specialized chimney cleaning service is comprehensive. Designed to address all of your chimney maintenance requirements. When you book a chimney cleaning appointment with us our certified technicians will:

  1. Conduct an examination of your chimney both internally and externally to detect any issues or safety hazards.
  2. Utilize tools such as brushes, rods and vacuums to meticulously clean the chimney flue, firebox, smoke chamber and damper.
  3. Eliminate all buildup, soot and any obstructions like bird nests or debris that could obstruct airflow and result in chimneys or fires.
  4. Perform an evaluation of your chimneys soundness and suggest any repairs that may be needed.
  5. Provide recommendations, on how to maintain your chimney and offer tips for enhancing the efficiency of your fireplace.

Our Detailed Chimney Cleaning Process

When you choose AR Chimney Pros for chimney sweeping you’re getting more, than a tidy up. Our approach is thorough and meticulous making sure every part of your chimney receives attention.

  1. Getting Ready – Our team will show up punctually. Start by laying down coverings around your fireplace to prevent dust and debris from spreading throughout your home.
  2. Examination – We conduct an inspection using cameras and specialized tools to identify any signs of wear, damage or blockages in your chimney.
  3. Thorough Cleaning –  Using top quality brushes and powerful vacuums we clean the chimney flue remove all buildup and thoroughly cleanse the firebox smoke shelf and damper.
  4. Final Inspection – Following the cleaning process we conduct another inspection to ensure that everything has been cleaned impeccably and that your chimney is functioning at its best.
  5. Discussion Session – After our service is complete we sit down with you to go over our findings recommend any steps that may be required and provide tips, for maintenance.
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Additional Chimney Services Provided by AR Chimney Pros

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Why Choose AR Chimney Pros?

Don’t delay until its too late. Regular chimney upkeep is crucial, for preventing fires and ensuring operation. Reach out to AR Chimney Pros today at (720) 608-7668. Visit our website for more information to arrange a chimney sweep service.

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